How The Wrap iT Buddy Works

Coming from a big family, we have lots of kids, lots of parties and lots of presents!! But who’s got time to wrap a gift? A lot of us just wing it before we go.

If your gift wrap currently looks like ours used to, it probably looked something like this. All the wrapping paper rolls crumpled, messy and unorganized. Gift bags folded and bent. Greeting cards, bow and tissue paper all mangled and destroyed.

It’s a total nightmare!!!

No matter how hard you try to keep your gift wrapping and wrapping paper storage and organization neat, it always becomes a space hogging mess!! I never knew exactly what I had, where it was and I would always have to stop at the store and buy more right before a party!

The wrapping paper mess grew into a never-ending cycle of wasted time and money.

That is until I created our amazing gift wrap and wrapping paper organizer the Wrap iT Buddy... and I can tell you it is absolutely INCREDIBLE!!!

Take a look at this video and few pictures of how simply you can organize and store all of your wrapping paper and gift wrap items.

Wrapping Paper Storage
Clear in Design - Wrap iT Buddy lets you pick an item quick.
All of the gift wrap items on the left can easily fit
in the Wrap iT Buddy.

Talk about Storage!!
Look how your wrapping paper
begins to become totally organized

Be amazed how easy it is to store and organize
your flat gift wrapping items in the front two spacious pockets

Simply pack your gift wrap and wrapping paper supplies
and watch them become neatly stored and organized

By hanging vertical in your closet
and taking up no more space than a coat,
you can hang your entire gift wrap collection
with the Wrap iT Buddy gift wrap storage organizer.

If you like what you have seen, you can order now...