Choose Wrap iT to Organize Gift Wrap


I chose the words at the top very carefully...


Because our whole business is based on time spent wrapping a gift.

We truly believe gift giving is special for the giver and the recipient.

Plus, wrapping a gift is a universal custom and often times it is the emotion

behind the gift that is the real present. My name is Adam Levine and no, not the singer....

I’m the guy who designed the Wrap iT.

And if you’re reading this right now, chances are you’re interested in clearing out that messy gift wrap clutter and taking control of your closet and shelf space.

The real winner from this is YOU, and here’s why:
We are well aware that there are over 60 competitors you could chose from that
will organize and store your gift wrap collection.

But I can say with great pride and confidence “Wrappy can go up against any
single one of them, side by side, and will dominate in every category"

- storage capacity...
- ease of use...
- emotional attachment...
The Wrappy is truly something special.
(Seriously…Have you ever even been to a Gift Wrap Storage Website that made you smile before?)
We don't say we make the world's greatest gift wrap organizer because it’s lame, we say it because it is the Truth –
Real Easy, Real Simple! No Tricks, No gimmicks.

If you decide to order. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
You’re going to Love iT!
If you got this far and are still unsure, that’s cool too! We hope you enjoyed your time on our site. And if you don’t mind please tell a friend about us or share us with the links below.
Ciao for now,

P.S. cliché but true – Every day is your present!!

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