Hi, my name is Adam Levine.
My favorite thing to do in life is share time with my family during special occasions.
All the fun things.
New babies, birthdays, graduations and weddings.
My least favorite thing to do for these events is to actually wrap the gifts.
I could never ever find all I needed

Maybe the Kitchen?

Maybe the office or the Garage?

Forget it – We will stop on the way!!

A giant pain in the butt!! And it was always so FRUSTRATING!!!!

Wrap iT Inc.
The Worlds Greatest Gift Wrap Organizer

1 Findlay Court
New City, NY 10956

So a little while back, I made something for my family, to help us organize our “gift wrapping stuff”.
We loved it.
So did our friends and so did our families.
So I decided to do something about it, take a chance and
created a company that manufacturers the most incredible gift wrap storage organizer, on the planet.
- Simply named -
Wrap iT
Everything “gift wrap” is organized, stored, discreetly hanging in a closet.

The Best Gift Wrap Storage - Wrap iT Gift Wrap Organizer Photoshoot Behind the scenes Video

Identifying this weakness in the market, I created our Wrap iT products to fill this void.
Wrap iT products have a sleek, slender design that speaks of elegance, efficiency,
and it holds a ton of gift wrap, wrapping paper and gift bags.

Basically it Rocks!!

At Wrap iT Inc. we make our gift wrap storage organizers tough
and we make our wrapping paper storage organizer to last!

We’re not trying to solve all the World’s problems,
but we are helping thousands of people clean up their gift wrap clutter.

We know that the Wrap iT product line of gift wrap storage organizers will undoubtedly
save you money time and space.

Guaranteed when you get it, as you use it you’ll have more fun with your family.
And as a cool bonus, if you are using less wrapping paper
you are helping to pollute the world a little less.

pollute less and help the world

Pretty neat result!!